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Battlefield 1 is one of the most popular game series in the world and it’s like that for a reason. It manages to provide that feeling of battle, emotion and teamwork in one of the most exciting gaming packages that you have ever seen. Battlefield 1 is a new game in the series and it tries to take a different twist on the series.
Instead of going towards the future like other titles in the industry, it focuses on the past, and more specifically WWI. As you can expect, the WWI setting does bring in front some interesting options when it comes to aerial and ground combat.
The game’s campaign is not inspired by real life however, instead it’s fiction. On the other hand, the entire gameplay starting from weapons to attacks is almost 1:1 with the stuff that happened during the war.

Free Download Battlefield 1 Torrent Combat Gameplay Information

You have melee combat as well as more than a dozen weapons to use as you see fit. There are automatic rifles, bolt action riles, artillery, mustard gas, flamethrowers, barbed wire and everything you might expect from a war game. You also have shovels, trench clubs and sabres among many others.
Aerial combat is also present and the planes have a distinct look! They are harder to control when compared to their modern counterparts, and that does add a great dose of realism. The game does feature destructible environments and at the same time it also integrates multiple tank types. These tanks have weak points and they stay historically accurate.
It’s nice to see however that there are battleships in the game as well and you can even ride horses. The ground combat is very intense and you can, as always, customize your loadout in order to deal with all the challenge that come your way.
The multiplayer for Battlefield 1 retains 64 player support and the squad system integrated here makes it easier for teams to enter or leave games on their own. There are many multiplayer maps and they span all around the world, from the Alps to Arabia and the Western Front.

Bf1 Multiplayer Crack Classes

Within Battlefield 1 you can find no less than 6 different classes and each one can be used in a tactical manner. You can be Scout, Support, Tanker, Pilot, Assault or Medic. Just like all the other Battlefield games, you have to work as a team if you want to achieve success.
Graphically, Free Download Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Crack Torrent is one of the most visually impressive games of this age. It shows the goriness of war all while offering you detailed, realistic maps and weapons from that era. You really feel a part of WWI with this game, and that’s what makes it so distinct and fun. Even if the story explore fictional experiences from unknown heroes, it’s still a great insight into the grittiness of war.
If you always wanted to play a WWII inspired game, then Battlefield 1 is definitely right up your alley. You should give it a shot right away as it’s well worth the investment.